Have you ever wanted to give yourself a make-over?A real make-over? I’m not talking about just changing your hairstyle and adding a little lipstick-I’m talking about taking a good,long hard look at yourself in the mirror, seeing yourself for you who are and who you want to be, and making those things that are not into a reality. Have you ever wanted to make a change within yourself that would lead and inspire you to become a greater person that you ever thought you could be?

My name is Lisa and I am on a quest a new me.

Not that there was anything wrong with the ‘old’ me, or the ‘current’ me, presently speaking. I’m twenty six years old, happily married to an amazing husband, and have a ridiculously adorable baby boy(its true-he’s a cutie). I’m a stay at home mom and I work part time as an advertising representative for a small town newspaper. In the morning, I wake up early and prepare baby food to ‘Veggie Tales’ and sip coffee to ‘Golden Girls’ while during the day I play ‘Catch the baby’ and keep myself occupied with small projects. In the evening,after the baby falls asleep, I kiss my honey good-bye as he heads off to work then spend my time circling the house, looking for something to do other than watch television(because lets be honest–when you become a mom, your ‘me time’ is so little and so rare when you finally get it you simply don’t know what to do with yourself). Yes, my dear readers, I have admit I have a beautiful life! But recently, I’ve been feeling a bit more than bothered. I’m feeling a little—frumpy.

Yes, I said it. Frumpy.

Every girl’s been there. Most get out of that stage after suffering from social pressures in High School. And then there are some who, upon acquiring an occupation in the professional field after college, slowly adapted their wardrobes and personalities and transformed themselves into chic and suave divas and dudes(many of my friends fall into this category–you know who you are). But then there’s me. Still in t-shirts. Still in sneakers. And still wearing her maternity clothes on a day to day basis–almost a year after my son was born(man do I hate admitting that last one).

But now, as I approach the latter half of my twenties, I feel like something needs to be done. I’ve always aspired to have poise and charm, and I’ve always dreamed of being as timeless and classically beautiful as Jackie Kennedy Onassus, Audrey Hepburn, or Grace Kelly. However, I just never got around to trying. I sort of just–let myself go.* I mean lets face it–I have no fashion sense.Seriously, one time a friend of mine told me I dressed ‘too grandma’.Ouch. And he had a point–the only thing that would have really pulled together the outfit I was wearing at the time was a cane.And then there’s the way those women moved, the way they spoke–those women had being a lady down to an art! Style, graciousness, propriety, intelligence–all of it comes down to elegance. Absolute elegance! And that, my friend, is what this blog is all about.

From this point forward, this blog will serve as a record of my journey going from frumpy to fabulous. I will take the advice of the experts(this time seriously) and from now on work to improve on my inner and outer beauty as well as my emotional, physical, and spiritual self. Think of this blog like a self taught finishing school–without having to eat snails or fish eggs. Yes, I intend on investigating all avenues of what it means to be elegant by exploring and expanding my knowledge of fashion, style, cooking, crafting, home decorating, literature,wine, film, and all the other events that come into play in the day to day.

Ladies and gentleman—it’s time to find la dame!

*Gosh that sounds bad. That’s a phrase no woman should ever say about herself. Eich!